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Cotton Flower Rustic Bouquet - Artofflowers

Cotton Flower Rustic Bouquet


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Our Cotton Flowers Rustic Bouquet is crafted using naturally dried cotton flowers, making it the perfect addition to your collection of dried flowers. The natural drying process ensures that the bouquet retains its beautiful color and shape, while also adding to its charm and character.

This also means that our bouquet will last much longer than traditional fresh flower bouquets, making it a wonderful and sustainable option. You can enjoy the beauty of this bouquet for months to come, without worrying about replacing it every few days.

Whether you prefer the look of fresh or dried flowers, our Cotton Flowers Rustic Bouquet is a versatile and stunning choice that will complement any decor style. Its natural and organic appearance is perfect for rustic and farmhouse styles, while its delicate and soft texture is a great complement to more modern and minimalist decor.

Dimensions: H - 38 cm / 15"
W - 25 cm / 10"

Each bouquet is unique and may have a slight variation. The dimensions may vary more or less by cm or two. The measurements based on the highest and the widest point of the bouquet. Vase is not included.

This bouquet is carefully packaged and shipped to ensure it arrives in perfect condition. To maintain its beauty, simply dust the flowers occasionally and avoid placing them in direct sunlight or humid areas.